Topics and Subtopics

Adverse Health Risks | Hazard Identification | Dose\Response Assessment | Exposure Assessment | Risk Characterization.

Diet and Cancer | Background | Fourteen Recommendations for cancer prevention | Whole foods versus individual nutrients | Vegetables and fruits/Five-a-day or more | Cereals, legumes, roots, tubers and plantains/Seven-a-day or more | Meat and cancer risk | Fat and cancer risk | Alcohol and cancer risk | Food processing: Salt | Storage | Refrigeration | Additives, pesticides, and residues | Dietary supplements | Maintaining body weight/Body Mass Index | Physical activity and cancer risk | Tobacco | Definition of terms describing the scientific evidence | Vitamins | Minerals | Phytochemicals

Food Safety Issues

Indoor Air Pollution | Radon | Formaldehyde | Carbon monoxide | Indoor Biological Pollutants | Asbestos | Sick Building Syndrome | Household Hazardous Wastes | Pesticides

Pesticides | Pesticide Exposure | Pesticides in Food | Pesticide Environmental Fate | Pesticide Inert Ingredients | Gardening and Pesticides | Endocrine Disruptors

Safe Drinking Water | Agricultural run-off as a source of contamination | Animal feedlots as a source of contamination | Bottled Water | Chlorination and chlorine as a source of contamination | Colors and odd smells in your tap water | Dumps and landfills as a source of contamination | Drinking water standards | Hard Water | Industrial Effluents and Waste as a source of water contamination | Introduction to Water Contamination | Iron and Manganese in drinking water | Lead in drinking water | Maximum Contaminant Levels | Microorganisms and Bacteria in your water | Mines as a source of contamination | MTBE in your tap water | Nitrates in drinking water | Pesticides in drinking water | Sewage and sludge as a source of water contamination | Tap Water Sources | Testing your tap water | Treating your tap water | Typical Sources of Water Contamination | Underground Storage Tanks | Urban Runoff

Sensitive Populations | Children | Elderly | Cancer Patients | Smokers | Genetic Variation | Advanced Immune Response | Setting Government Standards


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