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Food can be the most significant source of exposure to pathogenic agents and contaminants. When foods are contaminated with unsafe levels of pathogens, chemical contaminants, or metals, they can pose substantial health risks to consumers and place severe economic burdens on individual communities or nations (1).

Not only are foodborne pathogens a major concern to people everywhere, but food exposure to pesticides, chemicals, and metals is a concern all over the world. These web pages address major concerns that revolve around non-microbial contaminants, rather than the biological or microbial contaminants. Information about microbial food contaminats can be found in the external links below.

The following food contaminant topics and questions are addressed:

Here are some very informative external links that pertain to Microbial and Non-Microbial Food Contaminants and Issues:


1. Food Safety- A worldwide public Health Issue, World Health Organization. URL: http://www.who.ch/programmes/fsf/fctshtfs.htm

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