Recommendation 13 "How to"

  • Consume cured and smoked meats only occasionally. These include bacon, ham, sausage, lunch meats and others.
  • Do not eat charred food.
  • Avoid burning of meat and fish juices
  • Steaming, boiling, poaching, stewing, braising, baking, microwaving or roasting are preferred cooking methods.
  • If you partially cook the food in the microwave prior to charcoal broiling, there will be less chance of the food becoming charred


If you enjoy flame-cooked, cured or smoked foods occasionally, they are unlikely to affect your cancer risk.


 See Recommendation 13 Background for details.

For information on food additives see Extoxnet - Food Preservatives


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Prepared 1998 by Bernadene Magnuson, Ph.D.
University of Idaho, Dept. of Food Science and Toxicology - EXTOXNET FAQ Team.