Should genetically engineered foods be labelled?

Some groups maintain that because of the potential for allergenicity (see Are genetically engineered foods safe to eat?) or because of philosophical objections to eating foods with animal genetic constituents, the consumer should be allowed to choose not to eat foods produced with genetic engineering, and the FDA should require them to be labeled as such.

The FDA will require special labeling if the composition of a food developed through genetic engineering differs significantly from its conventional counterpart.

There is no requirement to label foods from new plant varieties developed through traditional cross-breeding techniques.

The FDA is reviewing public comments on labeling issues. 86470624

Click here for an FDA web site about labeling of genetically engineered foods

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Prepared Summer 1997 by Bernadene Magnuson, Ph.D.
University of Idaho, Dept. of Food Science and Toxicology - EXTOXNET FAQ Team.